Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Report on Irony

On Tuesday in lab around 10:45 I yelped at the sound of yet another Erlenmeyer flask shattering.
"Damn that!" said Eric. Grumbling, "Those idiots studying fluffy subjects like humanities have no idea what it's like to actually work or think." Dumping the crystal weapons into a container marked 'glass only,' he continued, "All they do is write papers about their thoughts and feelings where there's no right answer. What kind of an education is that?"

Today is Wednesday. I wish I could tell you what time this happened, but I don't remember. Couple hours ago maybe. After lecture Hannah swiveled on her chair to face Rachel. "I love intellectually stimulating discussions like this, don't you?"
"Yeah" said Rachel, "because we're finally in higher level classes that have weeded out the narrowminded scientists."

Must I choose?


PrettyKristyn said...

This sounds exactly like Preston's awards banquet for the engineering department. I get to sit for several excruciating hours and listen to them glorify a degree in engineering and belittle the rest of the students at the university (particularly humanities and social science majors like myself). I think it's time for people like that to embrace the fact that everyone's talents make the world a better place. So I say No! Never choose between two great things if you don't have to. And who is going to make you?

Jeramie said...

Don't worry. They come back in grad school. It's kind of scary actually.

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